Applies To:

Call2Teams - Customers


Incoming calls have short ringing duration, not allowing enough time for users to answer.

Users have several devices attached the PBX or are part of a Distribution Group.


A common reason for this behaviour is that Teams is set to answer the call automatically. 

This can occur if call answering rules are routing the call to an alternative destination such as voicemail.

Because Teams has accepted the call, the PBX will no longer have control of the call and will deem it as answered.


Users can amend the Teams Call Answering Rules in the Teams client settings: 

Navigate to Settings>Calls.

Set the call answering rules as show in the image below:

Users can also set the Teams Voicemail policy in the PBX Services tab in the portal. 

This is a good way to set a policy for an entire organisation. 

Individual users can have their Voicemail policy overridden in the User setup tab.