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Finding the unique Call ID for a specific call, to aid in diagnosis and reporting.

The Call ID is unique to each call made using the service. This provides a quicker, more accurate means to identifying an affected call.

Finding the Call ID

From the users tab on the service portal, find the user that reported the call issue. 

Click on the call arrows to bring up their Recent Calls information:

Click the View Recent Call Log link to open a modal with the list of call logs for that user. This shows calls made in the past five days:

Identify the affected call in the list, then click the 'pop-out' icon to the right of the entry.

This opens a new tab with the Call Data information:

Click on the Report Call button to open a modal with the unique link to the call:

Important note:
When reporting the issue, provide the link as shown in the screenshot above. This is the Unique Call ID.

Click the Copy button to copy the unique call ID URL to the clipboard.

The Report Call button will also place the call on Diagnostic Hold, preventing the call information from being erased.

By default, call information is only retained for five days otherwise.

To assist the support team with their diagnoses, include the copied data in the ticket, so the call can be immediately identified. It is also helpful to send a description of the user's experience of the affected call.

No additional call log details are needed at this point - however further information may be requested by the support team if needed.

See the section below for a description of additional call logging information.

Further Details

When the call cannot be identified in in the call logs shown above, please provide the following information:

  • Date/Time (example from today if possible)
  • Call Direction
  • Caller (number/name/Teams username)
  • Callee (number/name/Teams username)
  • Result (description of user experience) 

Using this information it may be possible for us to review the platform logs in order to trace the call, or identify similarly affected calls.