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If you have a problematic call and wish to refer this to support, you can find the unique Call ID by following these steps.

Rather than just providing phone number information, the Call ID is unique to a particular call so is more useful and accurate in quickly investigating an issue. 

Call ID

From the users tab, for the affected user click on the call arrows to bring up the Recent Calls information:

Click the View Recent Call Log link to bring up a window with the list of call for that user:

Identify the required call, then click the 'pop-out' icon to open a new tab with the Call Data information.

Click on the Report Call button to open a window with the unique link to the call:

The piece of information to provide when reporting the issue is the URL of the page that shows the call information. 

This information is copied to the clipboard automatically when the 'Copy' button is clicked.

The Report Call button will also place the call on Diagnostic Hold as call information is not retained for more than a few days otherwise.

Send the copied data to the support team so the call can be immediately identified. Also send information of the user experience of the call issue.

Providing this information is supplied, it is not necessary to send additional call log detail unless there is an anomaly that needs to  be highlighted. 

Further Details

Whether the call can be identified in in the call logs shown above or not, please provide the following:

Please use the following template when responding.

  • Date/Time (example from today if possible)
  • Call Direction
  • Caller (number/name/ Teams username)
  • Callee (number/name/ Teams username)
  • Result (description of user experience) 

Using this information it may be possible for us to review the platform logs to trace the call and identify calls where other diagnostics are unreliable.