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There are several reasons why users may not appear in the user list:
  • Users are not licensed
  • Users have a calling plan
  • An Active Directory group filter has been applied
  • Resource Accounts for Auto Attendants / Call Queues


Please note that Microsoft will be renaming the Phone System Licence to Teams Phone Licence shortly. You may see references to both for a short while


To get more information, view the most recent Sync history from the drop down on the Sync Now button, on the service portal:

Issue: Users are not licensed

If the Sync log shows information like the following:

<00:00> GRAPH> Enabled users: total=15, licensed=13, phoneSystem=0, excludedByCallingPlan=0, resource=0
<00:00> GRAPH> Found 0 users with a Phone System licence (none have a Calling Plan)

This means that no users have the correct Microsoft licenses for the Teams service.


Refer to this article regarding Microsoft user licencing:

What Microsoft Licences Do I Need?

For testing and quick setup customers can apply the Common Area Phone free trial to users:

Issue: Users with calling plans are excluded from the Sync Now process

If the Sync log shows a message like this:
<00:01> GRAPH> Enabled users: total=399, licensed=127, phoneSystem=108, excludedByCallingPlan=104, resource=0
<00:01> GRAPH> Found 108 users with a Phone System licence, of which 104 are excluded as they have a Calling Plan

Then this is the reason why users are not included on the Sync Now process.


Customers are advised to go into the user's licence on Office 365 and removing the 'Calling Plan' (it may say Domestic or International) and then run Sync Now again.

Note: If users have â€˜Communications Credit’ added to their account, then this has the same effect as a calling plan, so it should be removed.

Access this licence in the Office 365 portal for the affected users:

If the Calling Plan is not shown in this list then it may be part of a bundle SKU and will sit in the Apps list further down the licence window as shown above.

Remove the Calling Plan.

Click Sync Now to bring these users to the portal:

Calling plans are used where Microsoft provides the phone number and minutes and are unlikely to be wanted in conjunction with the service.

Issue: An Active Directory group filter has been applied

In the Teams service tab there is an advanced option available; to restrict the scope of users that are synchronised into the portal to those that are members of a specific Active Directory group:

If the group has no users or does not exist, then no users will be synchronised into the Add User list. 

The Sync log will show an entry like this:

<00:01> GRAPH> Applying filter for group 'bad-group-name': include 0 of 76 users
<00:01> GRAPH> Enabled users: total=0, licensed=0, phoneSystem=0, excludedByCallingPlan=0, resource=0
<00:01> GRAPH> Found 0 users with a Phone System licence (none have a Calling Plan)


Resolve this by deleting the reference to the group from the field and use the Sync Now function again.

Issue: Microsoft Resource Accounts for Auto Attendants and Call Queues

If customers are using the Auto Attendant or Call Queues in the Teams Admin Center then they will need to create a Resource Account and then add the "Microsoft Teams Phone Resource Account" license to said resource account in the Office 365 Admin Center.  


Use this link from Microsoft on how to purchase and assign the Microsoft Teams Phone Resource Account":


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