Applies To

Call2Teams - Customers


Call2Teams relies on a high-degree of automation to provision the service into Office 365 and to manage the service with the Sync Now feature.

Part of this automation requires access to Office 365 Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).

The process below outlines a test a customer can perform to verify the presence of the Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) required in their Office 365 tenant. 

Where the API is not found, then Microsoft should be notified as this demonstrates a provisioning issue with the build of the Office 365 tenant that they (Microsoft) need to resolve.


Log in to the customer's Microsoft 365 admin center using credentials with Global Admin privileges at the link below: 

Click Show All on the menu:

Open Azure Active Directory:

In the Azure Active Directory Admin Center click on Azure Active Directory:

In the Overview menu click on App Registrations:

Click New Registration to create a new registration:

Give the new App a name - this can be anything.

Select option for Accounts in any organizational directory (Any Azure AD directory - Multitenant) from the list of Supported account types.

Click Register:

For the newly created app select API Permissions:

Then select Add a Permission:

Request permission for the API:

Select APIs my organization uses

Enter the following GUID into the search box: 


The result 'No Results' means the API is absent from the customer's Microsoft tenant.

However if the search returns Teams and Skype for Business Administration in the results then the API is present in the customer's tenant.


If the API cannot be not found, then customers need to raise a support ticket with Microsoft. This indicates a provisioning issue with the build of the Office 365 tenant that they (Microsoft) need to resolve.