Applies To:

Call2Teams - Customers



The instructions below will explain how to invite an Administrator to an account or modify the associated roles.

Administrators of Client/Sub accounts are not able to make any changes that could result in financial or contractual changes.

Invite an Administrator

Navigate to the account to which the new administrator will be assigned.

From the Account Tab, click the blue Invite Administrative User

You may send the invite by Email or by copying and sharing a link:

A portal invitation will be sent to the email address you provide. This does not have to be an Office 365 email address. The invite will will contain an activation link to the portal. An Office 365 user account is required for access to the Call2Teams portal.


Unknown Account Error

If you have received an admin invite and receive the above error the following should be checked.

Logout from all Microsoft accounts

Try accepting the invite in a private Browsing Session

Use Chrome or Edge

You may also find that you have had admin access granted for a different client/tenant account. 

Invite Not Received

Administration Invites are sent out when the account is created. These are unusually sent to the named Customer Services and Provisioning personnel.

After that, Administrators can add new Admins themselves as long as they have sufficient rights.

There are occasions when the MS filtering can be over aggressive especially with new tenants where no traffic reputation has been built up.

Please inspect your Junk Email folder in Outlook and the Office 365 spam quarantine to see if the message has been blocked:

If the message is not delivered then we recommend an existing Administrator sending the invite to another address (e.g. Gmail account) and then clicking the link to log in to Office 365 with the correct tenant user. The address that email is sent to has no bearing on the user that is logged in to accept the link in the email. 

If you are logged in with a different Office 365 user to the tenant you are trying to configure, you should right-click and copy the link in the email and paste this link into a private browsing session ensuring that you are currently NOT logged in to any Microsoft accounts. Alternatively, use the Share option from the Add Administrator page, to copy a link.

Administrator Roles

You will need to assign one or more of the roles below for an Administrator to be able to perform certain functions in the portal.

Note that roles can inherit rights from Administrators roles assigned to 'parent' accounts.

Roles can also have implied rights associated with other roles.


Admin RoleImpliedAccessNote
Account OwnerService Contributor
 Service Viewer
Admin Invitations
Admin Users
API Keys
External Links (Read Only)
 Start/review Sync Jobs
This is the default role for any Adminisrator.
Subscription ContributorSubscription Viewer
 Account Owner (for child accounts only)
Add/amend Subscriptions
 Account creation and management.
Essential role afforded to the Customer Services and Provisioning Managers at the Native Partner account level
 Not a functioning role at the client account level unless a sub-contract exists.
Subscription Viewer
Read Only access to
Account configuration
Order History
 Services and Subscriptions
A useful role for Accounts staff wishing to view the Invoice Summary and Breakdown reports.
Service ContributorService ViewerCreate and view event logs
View account configurations
Set and read Teams presence information
Create and manage Administration invitations
Read API keys
View user call log (and set diagnostic hold)
Read PBX/Trunk templates
 Create and manage Service users.
Not a required role. Useful only if intending to restrict access to other areas for Administrators with limitations.
Service Viewer
Read Only access to
Admin Invitations
Admin Users
Service Users
 Sync Jobs
Not a required role. Useful only if intending to restrict access to other areas for Administrators with limitations.
Brand Contributor
Access to
Accounts (Read Only)
Admin Invitations (Reading Roles)
Branding (Upload, Downlod & Delete)
Company Logos
Icons & External Links
 PBX Templates (Create, Read, Update & Delete) as well as hiding ancestor templates.
Required Role where management of Branding, Links or Service templates is required. This is required for Full branding or Branding Essentials
Sync Contributor
Access t
Accounts (Read Only)
Services (Read Only)
 Sync Now.
Not a required role. Useful only if intending to restrict access to other areas for Administrators with limitations.