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Latest Note

Microsoft are changing the name of the Phone System Licence to Teams Phone Licence. Please be aware that references to both may continue to co-exist for a time. 


Synchronising Users

When you add the Teams Service to the account, you will have the option to Sync your users.

This means that you will be able to synchronise with Office365 making it easy to build the list of users to be added to the account.

With this option disabled, you will need to manually enter each user.

Adding Users

Following a successful sync you will not 'automatically' see your users appear on the Users page.

However, a full list of users has been built in the background and these will be available from the drop down when adding users. No such drop down appears if users are to be entered manually.

Once users have been added it is a good idea to re-sync with Office365 to ensure any manual changes are pushed up to Office365.

Users do not appear in the Add Users list.

There are several reasons why users may not appear in the user list:

  • Users are not licensed
  • Users have calling plan
  • An Active Directory group filter has been applied

A debug Sync can also be performed on the portal which provides greater diagnostics we can use in assisting you in this regard. A debug-sync is performed by holding Alt-Shift when clicking the Sync Now button.

To get more information, view the most recent Sync history from the drop down on the Sync Now button:

Users are not licensed

If in the Sync log you see information like this:

<00:00> GRAPH> Enabled users: total=15, licensed=13, phoneSystem=0, excludedByCallingPlan=0, resource=0 <00:00> GRAPH> Found 0 users with a Phone System licence (none have a Calling Plan)

Then 0 users have the correct Microsoft licenses for the Teams service.

Refer to this article regarding Microsoft user licencing:

what microsoft licences do i need

For testing and quick setup you can apply the Common Area Phone free trial to users:

Users with calling plans are excluded from the Sync Now process.

If in the Sync log a message like this can be seen:
<00:01> GRAPH> Enabled users: total=399, licensed=127, phoneSystem=108, excludedByCallingPlan=104, resource=0 <00:01> GRAPH> Found 108 users with a Phone System licence, of which 104 are excluded as they have a Calling Plan

Then this is why the users are not in the Add User list.

We advise going into the user's licence on Office 365 and removing the 'Calling Plan' (may say Domestic or International)  and running Sync Now again.

Note if users have  ‘Communications Credit’  added to thier account, this has the same effect as a calling plan, so should be removed to make the user appear in the Add Users list.

Access this licence in the Office 365 portal for the affected users:

If the Calling Plan is not shown in this list then it may be part of a bundle SKU ans will sit in the Apps list further down the licence window above

Remove the Calling Plan, the user will then not be excluded and will appear in the list.

Press Sync Now to bring these users to the portal for setup

Calling plans are where Microsoft is providing the phone number and minutes, so probably not wanted here anyway as that's what the Call2Teams service provides using the customer's existing phone services.

An Active Directory group filter has been applied

In the Teams service tab an advanced option is available to restrict the scope of users that are synchronized into the portal to those that are members of a specific Active Directory group 

If the group has no users or does not exist, then no users will be synchronized into the Add User list. In the Sync log you will see an entry like this:

<00:01> GRAPH> Applying filter for group 'bad-group-name': include 0 of 76 users <00:01> GRAPH> Enabled users: total=0, licensed=0, phoneSystem=0, excludedByCallingPlan=0, resource=0 <00:01> GRAPH> Found 0 users with a Phone System licence (none have a Calling Plan)

Resolve this by deleting the reference to the group from the field and use the Sync Now function again.

User Unlicensed - Yellow Warning Triangle

If in the User screen you are seeing yellow triangle sign ⚠️ and the message Licence Status Unlicensed 

This means the user licence level in the Call2Teams portal has reduced below the number of configured users.

This may have occurred for one of a few reasons:

  • A trial period has ended 
  • Your licence provider has reduced the number of licences on your account

When the licence level is reduced below the configured user level, users at random will become unlicensed.

This issue is not related to Microsoft 365 licencing, making changes there will not affect this.


This issue is resolved by either increasing the number of licences purchased, or deleting users. Any changes will aromatically re-flow to other users and update their licence status.

Contact your provider to have the licence level increased.

Users showing unlicensed after Bulk Import

When users are imported using the bulk tool they may not be associated to a Teams user and will appear unlicensed.

Resolve this issue by using the Sync Now function to bring in the Teams users and perform the auto match function. 

Users will only match if the email address in the import file matches the Teams user. If email addresses are different, the, advice is to make the email addresses match either in Microsoft 365 (and run Sync Now) or in the import file and re-run the import function specifying update instead of create (drop down on import screen).

Otherwise a manual association between Teams users and imported users can be made with the Edit User function (below).

Amending Users

You can amend many of the user details from the Users Tab:

Incorrect Country Showing For User

This may be affecting their outbound calling.

How To Resolve.

Firstly, you will need to navigate to your Office365 Admin Centre and list the user. On the licensing screen you will be able to amend the country registered against the user.

Once amended click the 'Sync Now' button to read these settings from Microsoft 365 into the portal.


It can take an hour or so for this change to fully register so it is advisable to wait at least this long before returning to the Call2Teams portal where you should then perform a new Sync.

DirSync'd User

When adding or reviewing Users in the portal, you may see the following:

What It Means

The customer has an on-premise Active Directory and is using Microsoft DirSync to sync their users into their Office 365 Azure AD.

If any of those users have the msRTCSip-line attribute set in their on-premise Azure AD then we will be unable to apply a phone number using our background PowerShell script, until they have cleared this attribute and run another sync to Office 365 Azure AD.

If we detect this error when doing a Call2Teams sync then we will show advice to this effect below the sync button.

However we also display that the user is DirSync'd, as shown above, to aid in troubleshooting and to help the customer avoid having aforementioned error.

The tenant for the selected user does not match the previously tenant selected 

What does this mean?

The message you are seeing is produced when the Microsoft tenant you attempted to sync users from differs from the tenant used in a previous Sync.

How do I correct this?

If you intend to sync users from a different tenant, you will firstly need to disable Sync in Call2Teams. Then, when you next sync, be sure you are logged in to the correct MS365 account for the tenant you wish to sync.