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The following errors are encountered during the upgrade to Teams Only mode:

"One or more Microsoft 365 domains have a public DNS record that points to an on-premises Skype for Business Server deployment." 


"We can't upgrade this organization to Teams Only mode" 


Historically, Islands mode supported Microsoft Teams Direct Routing. Microsoft no longer supports Teams Direct Routing in Islands mode.

It is not possible to migrate an account to Teams only mode with the service activated since the domains will not reactivate for voice. Phone System Direct Routing is not supported in Islands mode.

See this article for more information:


Migrating To Teams Only Mode

Customers who are using the service with Islands mode, and wish to move to Teams Only mode should follow these steps:

Warning: This process is service affecting and will result in the inability to make and receive calls through the connector whilst the move is taking place.

This process may take some time so is best performed during an off-peak time where a change-window of several hours is available.

Keep a note of user settings as they may be needed later.

Read this article thoroughly before taking any action!

1. Log into the service portal and navigate to the Services tab.

2. In the Services Tab, delete the Teams service by clicking the 'Disable Sync' button:

3. Log in to the customer Microsoft 365 portal at 

4. Delete any domains belonging to the service (there will be at least two):

5. See this guide for how to complete the move to Teams Islands Mode:

6. After finishing the migration to Teams Only Mode, click the 'Enable Sync' function in the Teams tab in the portal.

7. The domains will be re-added to the tenant and provisioned for calling.

To Change to Teams Only Mode Via PowerShell

Warning: Users should be confident with PowerShell before attempting these steps.

Follow this link from Microsoft once the domains have been removed and Sync has been disabled:

Customers may have to wait 24 hours for Microsoft to recognize that the domains have been removed.

The following Grant command will work once the above criteria has been met:  

Grant-CsTeamsUpgradePolicy -PolicyName UpgradeToTeams -Global


Legacy domains, such as Lync or Skype for Business, are no longer supported on our platform.


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