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Call2Teams - Customers


If the initial Sync Now process completes without the domain activation phase, it may show as competed successfully. 

However in the case of this issue, it has not activated any domains for voice services.


Navigate to the service portal and view the most recent Sync history from the drop down menu on the Sync Now button:

Where this issue exists, the Teams Sync Now log will have no mention of domains being activated for voice, as show in the screenshot below:

However, a successful sync will include domain activation confirmation as show in the screenshot below:


This situation typically occurs when the Teams service is provisioned before the PBX or Trunk service is set up and no country is defined and saved. 

The allocation of voice routing and associated domains is dependent upon the country specified.

Occasionally this setting is not changed by subsequent addition of the PBX or Trunk configuration, so manual intervention is required.


1. If there is no PBX or Trunk profile present, create one and save the settings.

Run another Sync.

2. If a PBX or Trunk profile already exists and this issue occurs, then follow this procedure to force allocation of new domains for voice routing:

Navigate to the PBX or Trunks services page on the portal:

  1. Change the country setting to another region. If the country is set to USA - New York, change this to France or United Kingdom.
  2. Click the Sync Now button.
  3. Allow the full sync process should to run, taking up to 15 minutes.
  4. Change the country back to the correct setting for the PBX or Trunk service location.
  5. Click the Sync Now button again.
  6. Allow the full sync process should to run again.
  7. Once this second sync completed the Sync Now button should have a green check mark.

The service is should now be ready for the configuration of users and calling.