Applies To

Call2Teams - Customers


In some rare user cases a customer might have a large enterprise 365 tenant which uses multiple instances of Direct Routing. If this is the case and the customer needs to create multiple Call2Teams Portals for the same 365 Tenant, then it is possible to define the configuration prefix at the point of enabling the sync. 

How to define the prefix

Before enabling the sync, define the Tenant Configuration Prefix as per below:

Example of this setup

Note: The Prefix can only be setup prior to the sync being enabled and once enabled this cannot be changed without deleting the service and starting the process again. 

Once the sync has completed the Voice Routes and Voice routing policy names use the prefix defined:

As in the below screenshot this shows how the default prefix of Call2Teams does not conflict with any new accounts users create with a custom prefix. 

This allows two Call2Teams customer portals to connect to the same Microsoft 365 tenant.