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Call2Teams - Customer

Note: Phone App is available as an additional 'add-on' to existing PBX services. If the options is not available in the portal then the service has not been provisioned to the account and needs to be enabled via the licensing provider. 

Microsoft are aware of a rare scenario in which users are showing as Teams Only Mode in the Teams Admin Centre but not actually validating fully.

The below example shows the error experienced in the Call2Teams Sync logs

The below screenshot shows the Teams Admin Centre in Teams Only Mode

Please see below the steps to resolve this manually;

1. Connect to Microsoft Teams PowerShell module as per the link here

2. Run the below with the Email address matching the Teams user;

- If the result shows an example as per below we know that Microsoft have not upgraded your user correctly

3. Attempt to run Grant-CsTeamsUpgradePolicy -PolicyName UpgradeToTeams

- The result of now running Get-CsOnlineUser should populate Teamsonly mode has been truly accomplished 

4. You can now run a sync from the Call2Teams portal and your users should populate