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Call2Teams - Customer


Presence is a toggle enabled feature within the Teams Service page on the Call2Teams portal. It provides the ability for the PBX to mirror the presence of the Teams user. 

To utilise this feature your PBX must support SIP Presence updated in the form of NOTIFY or PUBLISH messages. 

All PBX's can support the custom call response codes based off the Teams Presence as this is handled by Call2Teams.


Microsoft Authorisation 

To enable presence you need to toggle this feature on via the Services - Teams Tab. 

Currently there is a limitation within the Microsoft API on how many users you can subscribe to for presence. This limit is 250 users per Enterprise application. Based on the amount of licenses in the Call2Teams portal the Authorise button will determine how many Applications are required to cover all users for the service. You may experience multiple App consent boxes pop up which will All need to be accepted.

Once you press Save you will be presented with a Microsoft O-Auth Window which the Global 365 Admin must authenticate. 

PBX Presence Mappings

Once Presence has been enabled and authorised on the Teams Service Tab a Configure Presence button will populate on the PBX Template you have setup

As per below this gives you the ability to choose how the Teams Status reflects in the SIP NOTIFY or PUBLISH messages. 

You can also affect the Call Response Codes to your choosing.

Presence Delivery: This is to choose between SIP NOTIFY or SIP PUBLISH messages. (Please select the one your PBX Supports)

Once configured press ok to submit the changes.