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Call2Teams - Customer


A User wishes to update their number in the portal and in the MS 365 tenant.


When a user is first created a number is entered as an identifier which is then synchronized with the MS 365 tenant. If a number already exists on the MS 365 tenant we will attempt to pull this in.


It is possible to amend the number associated with a user from our portal as a message is sent back to the MS tenant to update MS with the change.  This is achieved through the User tab in the portal:

A fresh Sync will be required after updating the user and saving the amendment.

It can take Microsoft some time to proagate these changes and this should be allowed for before performing a fresh sync.

If a new sync is performed before MS have completed the change, it is possible the original number could be read back in to the portal, thereby overwriting the change.

If You Have A Problem

Always check on the MS 365 tenant for any change that has been applied. In some cases, you may note the change has been applied to the MS 365 tenant correctly whereas the old number appears on our portal. You can usually overcome this by removing the user from the portal, performing a sync and then re-adding them. This should pull the number associtaed with them, in from the MS Tenant.

In cases where MS are reporting a number in use, you may need to run the PowerShell command detailed in this link to remove the number from the current user it is assigned to: Set-CsPhoneNumberAssignment

In the worst case scenario, it may be advisable to fully remove the user from the MS 365 tenant and our portal, re-synchronize, and re-add them from scratch.


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