Applies To

Call2Teams - Customer


If you have users that have been using PhoneApp and you wish to convert them into standard users, the steps below will need to be followed.


Individual User
  • Ensure the user has the Teams Phone (Phone System) licence in the MS Tenant. This allows Direct Routing to be provisioned.
  • Uninstall the PhoneApp in the Teams client.
  • In our portal, delete the user.
  • Perform a fresh Sync
  • Re-Add the user from the available list.
  • Re-Syc as required.

All Users
  • Perform the above steps for all users.
  • Before the final Sync, switch off the PhoneApp Service
  • In the MS365 admin center, revoke the auth to use PhoneApp.
  • If you are certain you no longer require PhoneApp, you can also remove it in MS 365 under Teams Apps 


When deleting ALL users, if there is a large volume, you may be able to delete the PBX or Trunk Service (if this does not affect any Standard users). This will remove ALL users linked to that service (including existing Standard Users).