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A new version of Phone App has been released. This new version, 1.1, does however, have a few minor issues you may encounter. We have listed these along with possible solutions and work arounds as we investigate further.

Explanation of Behaviour

Hold/Resume and Transfer Calls to other Teams Users and Queues

Currently, users will be unable to use hold/resume, and transfer a call within the Teams calling window during an active call. They can transfer a call via PSTN by switching to the Phone App window whilst the call is active and perform a blind transfer to a number or contact within the active call management section.

What we are doing about it – . This is a priority for us as we know how important this functionality is and we will update you as and when we have further information.

Phone App PSTN Transfer

Intermittent Tear Down Issues

A very low percentage of calls may experience tear down issues, both inbound and outbound. In the event of this happening, hanging up from the Teams side occurs but the PSTN side stays active, and we don’t get the hang up from Microsoft

What we are doing about it – We have worked on this extensively, and the conclusion is that this issue is not unique to Phone App. A ticket has been raised and escalated, with us pushing daily to get a fix. During our testing we have made hundreds of test calls and this event is rare, nevertheless, it can occur. This again is a priority for us as we want to ensure rare occurrences become no occurrences. We will continue to update you on our progress on this.

IOS Functionality

There are currently intermittent issues with Phone App on IOS devices, whereby the user needs to clear Teams app data to access and use Phone App again periodically. In the event of an inbound call being made during the period where the app requires its data clearing, the call will show as a missed call once the app data is cleared. This issue doesn’t affect Teams to Teams calls in the main Teams App. 

What we are doing about it – In the event of this happening the current suggestion is: simply go to ‘settings’ on the IOS device, scroll to ‘Teams’ app, scroll to ‘Reset’ and toggle on ‘Clear app data’. Repeat these steps when there is a need to clear the data again. This has been identified as a Teams App issue and as with the above issue, we have also raised a ticket for a fix. We want to ensure the best UX possible, so are working hard to resolve and we will continue to update you on our progress on this.


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