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Call2Teams - Customers

Latest Note

Microsoft are changing the name of the Phone System Licence to Teams Phone Licence. Please be aware that references to both may continue to co-exist for a time. 


During the sync process the Microsoft platform may return an error condition. If this occurs the Sync Now button may show Sync Failure and display in red. You may also see an error message under the button or in the diagnostic output.


If the Sync process times-out past the 15 minute countdown and returns with a red-text error "Setup partially complete, domains not ready in Office 365" for 2 or one domains:

Then this means that Microsoft have not 'voice activated' the domains.

Note: This has no connection to the Microsoft Admin Center stating the domains "Not Connected to Service", (this status can be ignored in the admin center).

The action is to allow additional time for the domains to activate, the service has left these domains in a state to be activated as soon as Microsoft can perform this action.

What Can I Do?

Solution 1

Resolve this issue by waiting for some time, and regularly re-running the Sync Now process to check the activation status of the domains. This can sometimes take several hours.

Solution 2

If after several hours the error persists, then the recommended action is to re-initialise the Teams service with new domains for Microsoft to activate (this will also reset the clock, so not a guaranteed instant fix).

Re-initialise the Teams service by:

  • Remove any domains that have already been completed in the Teams Admin Centre as new ones will be created.
  • Delete the Teams service (trash icon)
  • Click 'Enable Sync' again.