Applies To

Call2Teams - Customers


User's phone number is not appearing in Phone App below the dialpad. 

As seen in the screenshot below, there is a blank space where the user's phone number should be displayed.


The user phone number for Phone App comes directly from the main service portal. 

If there is no phone number set for that user in the portal then it won't appear in Phone App. 

In the example below, a DDI has not been entered for the user in the service portal:


Amend the user's details in the service portal and ensure that they have a phone number added. 

The phone number should then generate and appear in Phone App after approximately five minutes. 

If there is an existing number for that user in the service portal and it the issue persists - the number does not show on the Phone App, then remove the number or try changing it to a different one.

Wait for at least 5 minutes, then revert to the original number and retry. This should solve the issue.

If the user's phone number is still not populating in Phone App after completing the above steps, raise a support ticket.